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Drag & Drop tokens, markers and notes to your map. Find stats & information when you need them, everything just one click away!

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Jump from city to district to tavern to basement to hidden dungeon in a seamless manner!

Upload maps without grids

Whether you're building Dungeons, entire cities, or even complete universes, Realm Architect makes your life easy so you can focus on telling the best story ever told!

Add walls in seconds

Just draw them on fast and move on with your session! They won't know what's around the corner!

Control Line of sight easily

With sliders and checkboxes you'll set the field of view models for your PC's faster then you can say "let there be sight!"

Make it bigger,
or smaller!

Scale all of the markers, tokens & effects to your liking! Turn the campfire into a raging barn burner!

Jeff Cannata on Realm Architect


Our codex makes your life much easier as a DM, need a bear in your tavern? Drag him right from its pages to the scene! Need to know the bear’s AC or its attacks? Click on the token and get all the information you need in a pinch! Need more information, click on the book icon to go to the exact right page in your codex!


Whether with sliders or draging and dropping it on the map, you'll create entire worlds in seconds instead of hours.


Create entire worlds and keep notes where you need them. Never alt tab for additional information, everything is in one place and if it's not, add it easily.


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